3 Common Air Conditioning Malfunctions

24183602_sNow that the spring weather is beginning to heat up and will soon give way to the summer, some of us have already turned on the air conditioner once or twice. Hopefully, when you turned on your A/C it worked properly and your home was kept at a comfortable temperature. However, for some folks this isn’t the case. Air conditioning breakdowns always seem to come at the most inconvenient of times. Here are some of the more common breakdowns to expect from your air conditioning unit:

The system does not turn on when you set the thermostat. There is the occasion when an air conditioner simply will not work, but the fan runs just fine. There are many reasons this could be happening, the first thing to check is the thermostat. If the thermostat is not working correctly and sensing the temperature in the room then it will not instruct the air conditioner to turn on. Once you have ruled out the thermostat as the problem, check the condenser unit to make sure that there are not any sticks, leaves, or other debris jamming up the components.

The system makes a funny or strange noise. While some air conditioning units are noisier than others, there is such a thing as an air conditioner making a noise that is a sign of trouble. Things like high pitched squealing, loud rattling, or any kind of banging should all be taken as signals that there is something wrong with the unit and it is time for a professional inspection.

The system runs but the air that comes out is not cool. This is a pretty clear sign that the problem is somewhere inside the condenser unit. This is the large box that sits outside of your home and runs when your air conditioner is blowing cold air throughout your home. The condenser unit is where the air is made to be cold. Through components like coils and coolant liquid the condenser unit is essential to the proper function of the air conditioning system. For these problems it is best to call a professional to have your condenser unit inspected.

Having an air conditioner that works when you need it is priceless during the hot summer weather. Keep tuned into your system and check for signs of these malfunctions to ensure the best operation of your air conditioning system.