How To Improve Indoor Air Quality This Summer

40508040_sSummer can be especially difficult for people with seasonal allergies. The humidity in the air gets higher during the hot months and allergens are trapped in the air. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you are at the mercy of the outdoor air quality when you leave your home. However, inside of your home you can improve the quality of the air by following these simple tips:

Air filter. Change the filter on your air conditioner one time per month and purchase a high-quality filter. Because it is hot outside, your air conditioner works hardest during the summer months. This means that the particle levels in the filter get thicker faster. By changing the filter you are essentially removing those allergens from the air and improving the air quality. Not to mention improving the overall efficiency of the air condition system.

Make sure to purchase a high-quality filter for your home rather than a cheaper one. Those with HEPA filtration can be far more thorough in trapping pollens and allergens from the air, keeping them from irritating your respirator system. Also, consider adding a portable air filter to one or several of the rooms in your home for additional air purifying.

Pets. If you have pets, make sure to groom them outdoors. The hair and dander that flies into the hair with you are brushing or grooming your pets can add airborne particles to your indoor air, reducing the quality. Even if you are not particularly allergic to pet dander or hair, the additional volume of particles will have your filters filling up quickly, leaving them less capable of trapping the allergens that you are allergic to.

Windows and doors. Having doors and windows open during the summer evening is a great way to air out the house and get fresh air moving. However, having them open during the day when the allergen volume is highest can be asking for trouble. This is when those particles will travel into your home and reduce your indoor air quality significantly.

Enjoying time outdoors is a favorite activity for the summer months. However, if you have seasonal allergies you might be spending more time indoors. Follow these tips for keeping your indoor air clean.