Indoor Air Quality And Allergies

With the time change in effect, the sun shining more each day, and the flowers beginning to bloom there is no question that the first day of spring is fast approaching. For most of us this is an exciting time because it means cleaning out the clutter and spending more time outdoors. However, for people with seasonal allergies springtime means itchy eyes, sneezing, and overall misery.

Having seasonal allergies means that staying indoors during the springtime is more comfortable than going outside. However, the air indoors can be just as irritating if not properly maintained. Here are some things to consider regarding your indoor air quality and spring allergies:

Have your indoor air quality tested. To determine if your indoor air quality needs improving, consider scheduling an HVAC professional to come to your home and take samples for analysis. This process will help to determine the presence of pollens and other irritants. Allergens are often very small particles and therefore can come through cracks around doors, window screens, and vents. Once you know the concentration of particulates in your home, you can also take steps to close off these points of entry

Install a whole-house air filter. Probably the most effective way to improve your home’s indoor air quality is to install an air filter. These systems vary in size and price but, a whole-house system will significantly improve the amount of particulates and allergens that you have floating around your home. Look for a system that will meet the needs of you and your family based as each system as pros and cons

Schedule HVAC maintenance. The air conditioning unit in your home could be adding to your issues by blowing mold and dust into your home. Have a professional HVAC technician come to your home and provide general maintenance service to your heating and air conditioning system to ensure that there aren’t any unnecessary allergens being adding to your home’s indoor air

Seasonal allergies can be debilitating and leave you or a loved one feeling isolated and trapped inside of the house. Thankfully, the season will pass quickly and once the pollen settles down there is still plenty of sunny weather and fun to enjoy. Don’t let that time inside be for nothing – follow these simple steps to keep your home’s indoor air quality pure!

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