What To Expect During An Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit

22497545_sIn the next few weeks the spring season is going to give way to summer and the temperatures are going to begin to soar. In preparation for the hot weather now is a good time to have your air conditioner inspected to make sure that it is working properly and will keep you cool when you need it.

Here are some things that you should expect during your maintenance visit:

Conversation. First, your air conditioning repair person will arrive at your home and will begin the visit by having a brief discussion with you about the unit. During this time you should share any specific issues that you have been having or anything unusual that you have noticed. If you are concerned about how your air conditioning unit is performing in any way this is the time to discuss it. Your repair person will also ask some standard questions about the unit: how old it is, how long you have had it, what kind of maintenance schedule you have been following, etc.

Testing. As outlined by the manufacturer of your air conditioning unit there are specific tests that the repair person will perform. These tests are designed to check the overall performance of the unit and will be done before and after cleaning of the unit. The idea here being to test the unit’s performance when it is dirty and when it is clean to confirm that the unit has been thoroughly cleaned and performing better.

Information. Once all of the tests have been performed that are recommended by the manufacturer of your particular unit, your air conditioning repair person will notify you of the test results. Depending on how your unit fared on the various tests, your manufacturer may have specific actions for you to take in order to keep up the warranty of your unit. Your air conditioning repair person will be able to talk with you about these requirements and your options for adhering to them.

Recommendations. In addition to any requirements as outlined by the manufacturer of your air conditioning unit, the technician may have some general recommendations for maintaining your unit based on things he or she may have seen during inspection. These recommendations might include trimming any foliage that is around the unit outside, adding an awning or cover for the unit to protect it from direction sunlight, and additional maintenance recommendations concerning the components of your unit. These recommendations should only be received as advice and not something that you are required to have done.

Keeping your air conditioning unit properly serviced and maintained will prove beneficial in the long run as we move towards warmer days. There are few things as frustrating as being indoors with your family on a 100+ degree day – without air conditioning.