UV Germicidal Lamps

Absolute Is Your Indoor Air Quality Experts

Stop Sprading Allergens, Bacteria, Viruses and Mold

You haven't seen what we have seen. Your duct work and air system is a cool dark place for germs to grow. As time passes spores can become air born and be blown throughout your home. Absolute Climate Control can install a Germicidal UV Light into your existing heating and a/c system that destroys mold and mildew on the interior surfaces of your heating and air conditioning system for a cleaner running, more efficient system.

Germicidal UV Lights uses the natural power of ultraviolet light to control airborne allergens and microorganisms — bacteria, viruses and mold growth on your heating and air conditioning systems interior surfaces. Natural UV light from the sun keeps airborne microorganisms under control outdoors. A UV light improves the air in your entire home by doing the same thing indoors. . . inside your HVAC system!

Since UV lights install in the air stream of your heating and air conditioning system, it’s always completely out of the way and operates silently! Adding on an germicidal uv light is an easy way to clean up the air in your home. Call us to have cleaner air today.